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Come Together: Styled By Shell B Cheri

Tuesday, April 8, 2014
So a few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of taking part in an AMAZING collaboration put together by local stylist ShellBCheri.
Ashley doing her thang
Rachel in the most EPIC vintage jeans!!!
Shell B probably needed this haha
A shit ton of DC bloggers setup shop at Malmaison, they were really great hosts btw, and spent pretty much a whole afternoon together. I had such a great time chatting it up with local bloggers I know via social media, but finally got to meet in person. Even though knowing people via social media is the norm these days, I prefer talking face to face...rare I know.

Anyway, all the ladies were so cool and the vibe was really great. I have to thank Shell B & Waverly for putting this together and asking me to be apart of it <3

Now to the fun stuff. Shell B & Waverly styled everyone's look for the shoot. What I found particularly dope, was the diversity of all the looks. Everyone's outfit said something different, yet I could definitely see myself wearing all of them. Being styled by Shell B, for me, was so great because her perspective was fresh and creative...similar to me but her composition was different. I really appreciated that, it actually made me wanna revisit pieces I've styled before. On top of being a really cool chick overall, she's definitely a great stylist.
This was the look Shell B styled for me. I felt like such a lady hahaha. It reminded me how much I love vintage.

Here is a shot of all the looks...It's some pretty hot chicks in this city if I do say so myself!!! Please check out the people responsible for this shoot, I've listed their blogs below XOXO
Stylist: Shell B Cheri & Waverly
Photographers: Ashley & Julien 


Shell B Cheri said...

KRYSTIN. I am so glad you were part of this project. I've admired your insane style for ages and getting to pick through your clothing was a special treat for me. Thank you so so so much for being part of this project. It was an honor to style someone whose style I truly admire. xoxo.

Pich and Roor said...

I knew that no matter what piece you picked the outfit was going to be amazing, but I was seriously taken back by the color & print mixing! Thanks for being a part of the project <3

RosaLovesDC said...

I love your yellow coat Krystin! I am always afraid to wear yellow but this coat, god, it makes me wanna give that color a try so bad.

Carmen D said...

The details in your look really made it special! I think the long line of your coat and the structured bag were perfect together. So great to meet you and discover your blog from this project.

Ria said...

Love your look and your shoes are so killer.

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