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Friday, March 30, 2012

Dress: Thrifted / Cardigan: Bebe / Shoes: Loeffler Randall
Photography: Denisio Truitt

It's Fridayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! Yup not that it makes much of a difference to me being that I'm not working yet, but I know some of you are happy lol. However, I am excited to be going back to work, I only have one more week of freedom before my awesome new job starts. Yay me :) I must admit, I'm slightly obsessed with wearing see through clothes. I've actually always been a fan of showing my undergarments, now that this sheer trend is in, at least people don't look at me crazy for wearing it haha. I mean, I use to get angry stairs and parents covering their kids eyes, I'm like geezzz haven't you people ever been to the beach??? What's the dang difference...can we say weird-OOOOO. So, next week the weather is supposed to be amazing, I really wanna have a girls night out!!! Man back in my heyday (pre-baby) I was a party animal ahhhh to be 21 again!!! The days of staying out until 4 and waking up at 6 to go to work...I still have the party animal in me, I just keep her caged up lol. Although, she tends to escape and raise havoc from time to time ;) Welp, I hope you guys have an amazing weekend...XOXO

Afternoon Stroll

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Top & Belt: Zara / Skirt: Thrifted / Shoes: Sergio Rossi

 Photography: Denisio Truitt

 Hey, hey, hey!!! I'm gonna keep it short and sweet today, mainly because I'm watching Million Dollar Listing on Bravo. I can't believe the prices on these properties...must be nice! Anywoo I love this purple skirt I found thrifting. I don't know how I ever shopped only retail before, I must've been crazy. Last night I had a great time the "Dresses for Dreams" event. Attendees donated dresses to low income families to ensure local young ladies wouldn't miss their prom. Such a great cause, I love events like this. Today I'm gonna spend some quality time with my son, we've been taking daily walks and I can't explain how much I enjoy it. He's the awesomest kid on the planet!!!!! Well hump day is here so the weeks half done, enjoy your day =) XOXO

One Button Please

Monday, March 26, 2012

Shirt, Belt, & Bag: Thrifted / Jeans: H&M / Shoes: Loeffler Randall    
Photography: Denisio Truitt

Happy Monday!!! I hope you guys had an amazing weekend. Yesterday Denisio and I headed to U street to snap some pics and stop by the Thelma's Vanity trunk show. I wish I wasn't on shopping probation because I really want this lovely polka dot dress I found :( Anywoo, after we left the trunk show we went to grab a bite to eat. I must've thought Denisio was my therapist because I definitely spilled out all of my current frustrations to her lol. I guess I needed to vent, due to my chronic worrying haha. I'm kind of OCD when it comes to certain aspects of my life. On a side note I'm gonna play the lottery today, I'm feeling should too and if you win just send a couple milli my way haha. Random I know, whelp I'm outta hereeeeee XOXO

Tribal Rainforest

Friday, March 23, 2012

Denisio was trying to get me to look pretty and smell a flower at the same time...It's safe to say I failed to do so lol

Top: Thrifted / Belt: Shareen Vintage / Skirt: ASOS / Shoes: Aldo
Photography: Denisio Truitt

Happy Friday!!!! I'm looking forward to another great weekend. I really wanna go downtown to see the cherry blossoms. Today is the perfect day to go being that it will be 80 degrees and there might be some rain over the weekend. As you've probably noticed, I've been wearing this top knot for quite a while now. I'm actually quite sick of it but because of a disease called laziness I've held on to it. I've been driving myself crazy trying to figure out what to do with my hair, so I finally went to my hair stylist and got a slight haircut. In her chair I was complaining about my hair and she came up with a brilliant idea....wait for it....a custom WIG!!! Because some days I want long hair and other days short, plus the fact that I can't stand sewn in weaves sometimes because your hair can't really breathe. This is the perfect solution to my problem. Alicia you're a genius lol. So don't be all alarmed if you see me with my long luxurious wig on then my real hair the next day OK!!! I'm getting my Kim on from RHOA, wait wait wait now I have to get a hair dummy and make sure when my wigs travel with me they be buckled in safe and secure!!! What should I name my dummy any suggestions...hahahahahaha I'm serious tho I need a name people. I have a feeling my son is gonna beat up the poor thing haha gotta love that child. Well I'm signing off now humming this song.....

Don't be jealous of my wig ohhhhh ohhhhhh , Don't be jealous of my wig ohhhhhh remix of tardy for the party bwahahahahaha!!!! 

PS...I'm in this kind of mood today, is it just me???

Stripes on Stripes on Stripes

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bird poop all ova my feet...Ewwww

Shirt: H&M / Shorts & Necklace: Thrifted / Purse: Urban Outfitters / Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti
Photography: Denisio Truitt

Happy hump day!!!! I cannot begin to tell you how much fun I had during this shoot. I think I was on some kind of natural high because I was flipping and running around like a kid lol. Btw...I think I'm still sore from it, signs of old age...sigh. When I was jumping near the water Denisio said, "Ummm if you fall in, I'm not jumping in to save you." I see how it izzzzz D lol! Anywoo, how awesome is that first shot in front of the Capital??? I love DC!!! Well, I thought I'd try to brighten up your Wednesday with this post. Sometimes my goofy side comes out and you're able to see the dork I really am haha.

She flips....

Ok Ok Ok seriously BYE....

Don't judge me lol

Pajama Pants

Monday, March 19, 2012

Pants, Clutch, Bustier, & Necklace: Thrifted / Shoes: Aldo / Jacket: BCBG 

Photography: Denisio Truitt

Happy Monday!!! I hope you all had a great weekend. My weekend was so much fun, good friends, good times, what more can you ask for.  I went to the thrift store on Saturday with my friend and I found these amazing pants. I wish I thought to take a detail pic of the print because it's so pretty. My friend who was with me kept calling them pajama pants lol. I guess they kinda do look like pajamas, she tried to convince me not to buy them. And, well we all know who won that argument, lol I couldn't turn these $7 beauties down! Because my weekend was so busy I'm taking it easy today. Sometimes I'm so all over the place I keep going until I crash. Not the best way to operate so I gotta learn to slow down. Although, even when I am relaxing my mind is still in high gear...I'm always thinking/worrying about something. I guess that's life, have a great week <3

Last Dayz To Layer

Friday, March 16, 2012

Skirt, Belt, & Bag: Thrifted / Vest: Urban Outfitters / Sweater: Vintage Givenchy / Trench: DVF / Shoes: Christian Louboutin / Watch: Michael Kors
Photography: Denisio Truitt

Well I thought I'd take my last shot at layering because soon I'll hardly be wearing any clothes lol. I'm a summer baby so I love the heat!!! I decided to prepare my closet for spring today so I'll be very busy rearranging and reorganizing. Prepare yourselves for a color explosion in my posts haha. I think warm weather possesses me and turns me into a back bearing, shorts wearing, color blasting monsta!!!! I definitely dress a little racier in warm weather look at this post and say bye bye winter Krystin and hello to my alter ego. I haven't named her yet but she's comin at afraid, be very afraid, lolololol just kidding (kinda)!!! Have a great weekend :p XOXO

Sunrise Stripes & Neon

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My favorite shot!!! So beautiful

Top: ASOS / Tube dress (worn as a skirt): American Apparel / Shoes: Aldo / Watch: Michael Kors / Bracelets: F21
Photography: Denisio Truitt

Happy hump day!!! The week is almost over yay. This has to be one of my favorite shoots, not really because of what I'm wearing, mainly because of the Chinatown scenery. I have a very busy few weeks ahead of me trying to get everything in place to open our Etsy shop. I foresee a lot of sleepless nights of me worrying about getting all the details right. 2012 is going to be a great year, I can feel it lol. I hope you guys feel the same way :) Well, I better get to work...Have a great day!!!! Btw how great is this weather...It's Spring baby *does happy dance* Maybe I'll lay outside and pretend I'm at the beach haha!

Is It The Skirt

Monday, March 12, 2012

How awesome is this skirt, reconstructed by Denisio

Dress (worn as shirt): J.Crew / Sweater: Zara / Skirt: Vintage Reconstruct / Shoes: Miu Miu / Necklace: F21
Photography: Denisio Truitt

Happy Monday!!! I hope you guys had a great weekend, mine was very busy but productive.  Looks like I will be heading back to work soon, which I'm happy about! Sad I won't be able to spend a lot of time with my son anymore :( but that's life I guess. I found this really awesome purple leather skirt a while back and I asked Denisio to reconstruct it for me. It started as a regular pencil skirt and turned into the masterpiece you see today lol. I love the peacock feathers and the grey piping is amaze. 

Now to the good stuff...I'm really excited to announce that Denisio & I are joining forces to open our own Etsy shop!!! I can't give all the details just yet but it's going to be superfantastic!!! It will launch mid April and we're having a happy hour to kick off our first collection. It's going to be boutique style, we'll have a collection of reconstructed items for sale. You guys are going to LOVE it, I seriously want to keep everything from from our first set!!! Well I hope that was good news and I hope you guys have a great day <3

Neon Night Light

Friday, March 9, 2012

Dress, Clutch, & Jacket: Thrifted / Boots: Steve Madden / Belt: Zara
Photography: Denisio Truitt

I often say I'm jealous of Cali bloggers because they have the most amazing scenery to work with. It's like a bloggers paradise lol! I find myself trying to come up with creative ways to deliver my outfits to you guys, I know that sounds kind of crazy. But honestly scenery really enhances the feeling or mood of an outfit. It's kind of like how you feel when you're trying on a million outfits, trying to find the one that feels just right. Blogging is definitely an art, and those who don't believe that are doing a disservice to their readers!!! Anywoo, because I can only dream of places like Cali...sigh...I love that being on the east coast presents so many challenges.  Denisio and I were chatting and she said I really want to try shooting a neon look at night. And as fiat would have it, I had just bought this neon dress at the thrift store and had it on mixing it with different pieces from my closet. So we trekked thorough the woods and went to work!!! I love these photos, especially how they blend with the black background of the blog. I plan on wearing this shirt-dress a million different ways this spring and summer. Happy Friday, have a great weekend <3