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Eclectic Variety

Friday, January 23, 2015
Well well well, I never thought I'd be comfortable in flats, especially a pair with a platform sole. I've made it a priority to buy flats because I literally own 1 pair outside of sneakers. Which has proven to be a pain in the ass because it gets slick out in the winter time. Can't really wear heels and having only 1 option for flats, means I have no options at all.

I stalk street style images and I love how Europeans make flats so chic. My brain seriously finds it hard to conceptualize looks that don't involve heels. But just like with everything in life, this will take some getting use to. These shoes are from Zara and I thought I was gonna have a hard time figuring out how to wear them. I literally came up with this look in 15 minutes...actually quite shocking!

I just bought this sweatshirt, and when I pulled down this skit and noticed the hint of orange on both pieces, as well as the contrast in texture, I knew they'd work perfectly together.

Photography: Ksenia

Art is Art

Monday, January 19, 2015
This top is the most unique vintage piece I own. It's one of those things I'll probably own forever because I'm afraid if I get rid of it I'll regret it. I definitely have a greater appreciation for art after visiting Paris. I've always been artistic in some shape or form, but lately I feel I'm really starting to connect with all types of art. It's been really exciting getting to know some insanely creative people with talent far beyond mine. That really makes you test your limits, more importantly, you can never have too much knowledge. New people and experiences are refreshing.