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New Hair by Alicia

Thursday, October 23, 2014
I've been relaxing since I got back from Europe, so I haven't really taken a lot of pictures. I went to the Everyday People brunch this weekend with Keri and Naseya. I had so much fun, pictures got overlooked...I did take a second to snap a few for Instagram, because ya know you gotta do it for the gram lol.

Anyway, as you know I like to switch it up when it comes to my hair. So of course I went to my good friend & hair stylist Alicia for the new new! I wanted to play with color so we went with this blonde-green ombre, I LOVE it!!! I think I'm gonna rock this for the entire winter :)

You can book an appointment at Ivy Salon & Spa with Alicia, who I highly recommend, she'll get ya right haha. You can thank me later xoxo.

Beaching in Barcelona

I was probably most excited to get to Barcelona. Mainly because Paris was so fast pace, I was looking forward to relaxing. Not only that but I'd been waiting to go to the beach all summer. Things started a little rough because we missed our flight, luckily we were able to catch a flight the next morning.

Swimsuit: Mint Swim / Dress: Vintage

Size Doesn't Matter

Sunday, October 12, 2014
When the Atluzarra x Target collaboration came out I had my eye on this dress. I was so upset when I got to the store, only a size 14 was left. I bought it anyway, I totally forgot I could order the pieces online, but the 14 actually fit!

Dress: Altuzarra x Target / Jeans: H&M / Shoes: Zara / Jacket: Thrifted / Clutch: Vintage from Fran

Eiffel Tower

I spent a few days being a tourist, it was a nice break from the hustle and bustle of fashion week. Of course the Eiffel Tower was my first stop. It was slightly windy so the top of the tower was closed, I was definitely bummed about that. I did get to go to the second level and the view was still incredible.

I was like oh shit I'm really in Paris! I don't think it hit me until I looked at the city from the Eiffel. The first two days were a whirlwind of nonstop action, I didn't really take it all in until this day.

Top: H&M / Dress: Vintage Victor Costa / Clutch: Vintage from Fran / Boots: Mulberry

I Workout

Wednesday, October 8, 2014
Let me tell you, the amount of walking we did in Europe was more than enough exercise! But nothing beats a good stretch with a scenic view. This building was outside our condo in Italy, I had to get a quick stretch in and it was the perfect place for it.

Top: c/o Zumba / Pants: c/o Zumba / Bra: c/o Zumba / Shoes: Vans